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Coffee and cake, anyone?

A year of fundraising

This year's Captain's charity has been the Motor Neurone Disease Association, or MNDA. There have been a number of events, and you will all have seen the MNDA pink elephant on the bar in the club.

The elephant made a daily appearance at the club tour in Bournemouth in June this year, and a bottle of Famous Grouse was auctioned off to up the total raised in donations and 'fines'.

Our first coffee morning, creatively called 'Drink tea for MND' raised £429 during its 2 hours in August.

Coffee and Cakes in November

Pleased with the success of the last event, the organisers arranged another one, which took place a few weeks ago.

It was another successful morning, with a good time had by all. The cakes were delicious, and the raffle went well

£354.63 was raised on the day.

A donation of £30 was received from the Bell quiz night.

The MNDA elephant that was on the bar contained £26, so added to the proceeds from the November coffee morning, the total raised was £410.63.

Total raised this year

Over the season the club had already collected £710.70, so the grand total for the year is £1,121.63, a fantastic achievement.

Terry and Wendy rounded up the total to £1,150, before sending off to the MNDA.

Thanks to all who donated both time and money to a cause we all support.

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Unknown member
Dec 06, 2022

Well done everyone. It’s a great total to raise in a season. Thanks particularly from Terry and Wendy.

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