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Banwell Bowls Club Safeguarding Policy



Banwell Bowls club is committed to safeguarding all those who participate in bowls at our club, ensuring they can do so in a safe, positive, and enjoyable environment.


In particular, the club acknowledges both its legal and moral duty of care to safeguard the welfare of all young people and ‘adults at risk’ involved in bowls within the club. All have a right to protection, and have their needs considered.


The Bowls Development Alliance (BDA) is the umbrella organisation for the development of the sport of bowls. In conjunction with all bowls National Governing Bodies (which includes Bowls England), they have developed national safeguarding policy, procedures, guidelines, and the accompanying forms, for the sport of bowls.


Banwell bowls club has adopted and will use, in their entirety, the national safeguarding policies for both adults and children, as well as other documents developed by the BDA. The documents can be found at the bottom of this page, and include:

  1. Policies

  2. Bulletins

  3. Guidelines

  4. Advice for Parents/Carers and under 18s

  5. Templates

The policies clearly outline the aims and principles of safeguarding and processes that need to be followed. They are for the direction and guidance of club members, officers, coaches, other volunteers, parents, and carers.


Banwell bowls club management committee will ensure that:

  • the adoption, implementation, and effectiveness of the policy is reviewed annually.

  • the policy is/are implemented, including referring any appropriate disciplinary action to Bowls England and/or Somerset County Bowling Association (SCBA) as appropriate.

  • safeguarding is an agenda item at both management meetings and A.G.M.

  • the policy is available to all members, parents, carers, staff, volunteers, and participants.

  • a club safeguarding officer is appointed annually.



The Club Safeguarding Officer is the single point of contact and first port of call for members to raise or address safeguarding concerns and request advice.




Paul Aldus

01934 623190

07837 216261

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