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Banwell Bowls Club Disciplinary and Misconduct
Policy and Procedures


In relation to disciplinary and misconduct issues, Banwell Bowls Club follows all procedures set out in Bowls England Regulation 9 and abide with all sanctions, recommendations and/or decisions from the Case Management Panel or National Disciplinary Panel.’ 

Regulation 9 procedures are involved and lengthy. Bowls England have produced a Club user guide in flow chart format to assist. Relevant links to the user guide, Bowls England pages and all associated documents can be found at the bottom of this page.

What complaints does Regulation 9 cover?
For the purposes of this Regulation, the definition of ‘misconduct’ is covered fully in Regulation 9.2.  It does not deal with any other dispute that does not involve misconduct.  

Informal Resolution
Unless the circumstances of a particular complaint make it inappropriate, Banwell Bowls Club would generally seek to consider alternative means of resolving a dispute informally, such as conciliation or mediation, before a complaint proceeds to a formal hearing.  The club would attempt to seek the agreement of the persons involved to consider this alternative. If either party refuses, then Regulation 9 must be adhered to. 

Written Complaint
If a complaint has been received in writing to the club President, it must always follow the procedures set out in Regulation 9 when dealing with complaints alleging misconduct. 

Who can make a complaint?
Anyone can make a written complaint against an affiliated club or affiliated member under Regulation 9, a complainant does not need to be a “member of Bowls England” or even a club member.

What happens next?
Under Regulation 9, there is a very strict process for what happens next, including timings and who is involved.  There is a user guide that will assist (Link below).

Bowls England Disciplinary and Misconduct Information

Regulation 9 - Club

Misconduct: Club User Guide

Appeal Form

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