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We drank Tea for MND!

A worthy cause

The Captain's charity this year is the Motor Neurone Disease Association (MND). Last week, to raise funds for MND, the club hosted a coffee morning. It was organised and very well run by our team of ladies, pictured below.

The organisers - Dee, Pauline, Maureen, Chris, Pam G and Wendy

A good start

The club looked very inviting,with red gingham tablecloths and a display of tempting cakes.

Maureen sat at the door, collecting £2 from each entrant, a great price for a drink and a cake of their choice.

There was a huge tableful of raffle prizes, all donated. Dee was waiting, raffle tickets at the ready, to invite people to take part.

Mal joined in with a whisky raffle, determined to add to the total raised for MND. Here he is with Terry, who is guarding the whisky, and Mo, who obviously needed to prise open Mal's hand to retrieve her change.....

The clubhouse filled with people, as did the benches and seats outside. Those on the benches were obviously concentrating on something....but what was it?? Find out at the end of this blog!

Here is Captain Kevin choosing his cake.

The raffle

Dee did an excellent job of parting people from their money, by selling raffle tickets. She sold so many that she and Pauline struggled to fit them all in the bucket!

Dee made herself hoarse calling the raffle, whilst Pauline selected and gave out the prizes. It was a jolly affair, especially when Keith won fragrant candles and bath bombs. As he said afterwards, they don't even have a bath!

Sue and Rob sat looking at their collection of tickets without success, whilst Joy, sitting nearby collected chocolates, followed by wine and then a decorative jewellery box.

The final prize to be drawn was a hamper full of goodies.

So, who won it, I hear you ask....?

A successful morning

Thanks to all who donated raffle prizes, organised and ran the event and came along to drink tea for MND. It was great to see the club full of people from the village and surrounding areas, as well as members and their families.

Special thanks go to Dee, Pauline, Maureen, Chris, Pam G, Wendy and Mal. The final total raised during the 2 hours was a fantastic £429.

Click here to find out more about MND, and how you can get involved in fundraising and other activities.


So, what were the people on the benches looking at?

Here's Paul - he gave an impromptu, but apparently educational talk on what he was doing that day to make sure the green is maintained. Free entertainment!

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