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Banwell Come in 2nd at West Backwell

After a winning opening match, we came a good second at West Backwell.

In a six rink Triples friendly match we only managed a win on one Rink


Rink 1

J.Williams T.Byrnes and J Wright: Lost 11 shots to 21

A strange game to say to the least, In between dropping shots throughout the match,

they only managed to win on 5 ends. But out of the blue they picked up a 6 on the 8th end.

Rink 2

T. Burnett, M.Bass, and H.Guckian: Lost 13 shots to 15

A Close game throughout, nip and tuck. But went down by two shots in the end

Rink 3

W.Butcher, J.Rickery and B.Taylor; Lost 8 shots to 19

Winning on 7 rinks was not enough as all but one were were just single shots

Rink 4

R.Saddler, J.Amos and M.Laycock: Won 17 shots to 16

The only winning rink of the day, but a close call.Trailing 11 - 16 on the 15th end, Mal

and his team picked up 6 shots on the last three ends to win the rink

Rink 5

P.Wilfan, K.Wheeler and C.Coffin: Lost 7 shots to 22

Well you can't win them all Chick and you certainly did not win this one.

Better luck next time

Rink 6

M.Nickson, M.Turnbull and A.Shattock: Lost 16 shots to 17

Nothing in this game, but they found themselves 17 - 10 down at the 16th end

Despite picking up 6 shots in the last two ends they went down by one shots at the end

Result: Banwell 72 shots - West backwell 110 shots

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