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Umbrella week 11

Only nineteen players turned out this week (just 50% of participants), on what was a pretty decent evening. This was probably due to a couple of people who played in Triples all day on Sunday having a bit of burn out, plus internal competitions going on.

So this was the first week that lower scores from previous weeks were eliminated from anyone who has had 100% attendance for the season (currently five players).

You'll see these written as text rather than numerical so that the table subtracts them from the total scores.

Last week's leader Alan Shattock followed in Keith Wheeler's footsteps by getting a bit of a hammering when in first place on the table; however, he just about retains his lead over Harold Clarke, who is now in second a point behind. Keith Wheeler sits in third.

There are four weeks left now for someone to break the stranglehold these three have for the podium places. Two others - Mike Nickson and Dave Williams - aren't far behind on three figures, with three others in the nineties.

Click here for latest table.

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