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Successful Day for 'Captain Wendy'

Congrats to Wendy Coleman who was appointed Captain of the day for the mixed match at Severn Vale. And what a win!!!

Banwell won on all 4 rinks to the tune of 76 shots to 46

S.White D.Williams P.Gibbons and W.Coleman

Won 17 shots to 11

M.Garfield W.Butcher J.Amos and A.Cockayne

Won 18 shots to 14

J.Williams M.Nickson M.Bass and H.Clarke

Won 18 shots to 13

T.Coleman K.Gibbons A.Bass and T.Garfield

Won 23 shots to 8

Well done Wendy, keep up the good work

(Such a nice smile as well)

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Jun 13, 2023

Well done all, lovely to see a great score in our favour and well done Wendy well deserved of praise xx

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