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It was a good turnout for the annual skittles night on Friday.

Trevor did a fantastic job of organising and running the evening, as usual. There was a buzz in the Woodborough Inn skittles alley, as the room filled with people.

Throughout the evening, much time was spent chatting, catching up over a few drinks.

St Patrick's Day

John A was armed with his trusty camera as usual, and adorned with a celebratory hat in a nod to St Patrick's Day, although - as Hilary pointed out - there was a sad lack of Guinness to commemorate the day.

However, this did not stop the usual games of killer skittles from going ahead. This year we had both a scorer and a putter-upperer, which saved Trevor from getting chalk on his jumper and everyone else from scrabbling in turn to keep up with the 'uppering'....

Along with his helper, Mal, who was handling the balls, they made sure the evening went without a hitch!

The first game

Everyone took turns to go, trying to stick to Trevor's instructions to remember the person who bowled before you, so that you can be ready for your turn. Of course, this became rather difficult as people started to drop out of the game after missing the pins 3 times.

Harry won the first game and took the prize.

At half time we enjoyed a variety of pizzas and a few bowls of chips. Just what we needed to gain energy for the final round of skittling.

Who's winning the 2nd game?

Towards the end of round 2, Trevor challenged Hilary to a small wager. Hilary rose to the challenge, and scooped up the cash. Minutes later, on his next go, it was double or quits. Hilary did it again!

Here is Trevor, trying to explain how much room has been left in his wallet. Hilary, in the meanwhile describes to Wendy the size of his winnings.

It was a good job Hilary was knocked out in the next round, to save Trevor getting into trouble with Martina!

...And the winners of round 2 are...

The final 2 players of the 2nd game were John A and Maureen. John might say if you want to get ahead, get a hat!

Well done both.

As you can see by the pics below, a good time was had by all. Thanks again Trevor - we look forward to a rematch next year!

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