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John Amos at 80

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

Happy 80th birthday John, from your friends at the bowling club.

Here's a small tribute from us, and some happy memories, shared by President Barry and Chris W.

Chris recalls "Going back a few years ago, a few of us were in the bar having a beverage or 3 and suddenly John said right I'm off! He promptly got in his car and headed home.

We gave it a few minutes to let him get back, before ringing to see if he had left anything at the club............. Ron!

Along with a few other choice words, he admitted yes - that's right - he had forgotten to take home Ron Appleton who he had given a lift to the game!

I believe Ann then had to come back out and pick poor old Ron up......"

And then there was the time on tour in Maidenhead.

Chris continues, "At the hotel bar John asked for a Whyte & MacKay's whisky, and on being told the price he said I only want a double not a bottle!

After that a few of us shared a taxi to the local pub and John was able to enjoy drinks at a much more reasonable price!!"

In this picture, taken during last year's tour to Bournemouth, John shows his love of whisky by refusing to let go of the bottle! As I recall, the whisky was a result of an auction during dinner. Again, the hotel drinks weren't the cheapest. but John came fully equipped with a not particularly discreet plastic shopping bag. We were all sat together at a line of tables as far away from the bar as possible; the bag was surreptitiously passed under the tables for each whisky lover to sample. Needless to say, it didn't last long....

Barry remembers one evening at the club. It was about 7pm, and everyone had gone home - except for John who was propping up the bar on his own. Barry went over and asked John why he was still here.

"Aaah..." replied John, in his inimitable way, "my son is coming to pick me up, but he doesn't finish work til nine." Barry decided it was his duty as President to keep John company until his son arrived.

As you might imagine, a couple of hours later, they were both 'a little tipsy', John being more so as he started earlier. Dutiful son Mike arrived, and was persuaded to have a drink or two. By this time, John could hardly walk. However, it was his round and, with much enthusiasm, he staggered across the club to the Honours board and stood waiting, swaying as he did so. Barry wandered over to ask him what he was doing.

John looked at him, a bit gone out. "I'm getting you lads a drink" he said, causing raucous laughter all round. He wobbled back to his seat, and promptly fell off. Barry and Mike had to pick him up from the floor, somewhat inevitably, he had fulfilled the definition of the term 'legless'!

By now, Mike was also over the limit, although not in the same state as John. They called Ann to come to the rescue. She parked in the village car park, but this was not close enough as John could not stand, let alone walk. Eventually Ann moved the car closer. Mike and Barry managed to carry him to the car, where he was driven off to the doghouse!

The next morning, Barry phoned John to check that he was ok. He was bright and breezy, with not a whiff of a hangover from the night before. Typical!

Here are a few more photos of John during his 80 years.

Many Happy Returns, John!

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