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Green Update - Close season work continues.

Following the main Autumn renovation work (see previous post) we waited a couple of weeks for the new seed to start to germinate before we got on the green again. With heavy dews and plenty of wormcasts to contend with, the swishing and brushing volunteers commenced their duties. The team cover every day, ensuring the green is dew and wormcast free. Important for green health. Thank you to Harry Woodards, Chris Hynds, Gerry Bean, Dave Mabbutt, Kev Gibbons, Shawn White for assisting Barry and I with that task.



The green has been cut at least twice since the autumn work with additional overseeding of some areas that remain a little sparse and thin. We continue to keep a watch for the first signs of any fungal disease, deal with the dry patch caused by the drought and, in the coming weeks, will be looking to further feed the turf with fertilizers.

We have bought in a full pallet of top dressing, with a view to continuing to address levels on rinks 1 and 6. Alan Shattock, with the aid of a hired laser level and his expertise, was able to provide information so the top dressing could be targeted with more accuracy. Thank you, Alan.

Today the contractors (Excellently supervised by President Barry to ensure everything was done correctly) addressed the identified areas. This will continue be an on-going process over a number of seasons.


Barry and Paul

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Unknown member
21. Okt. 2022

Carry on the good work, great job

Gefällt mir

Unknown member
20. Okt. 2022

Thank you all the team, a marvellous job xx

Gefällt mir
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