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Green Gets Autumn Renovations

Last week the green received a liberal spreading of lawn sand to knock back the moss and provide a feed for the grass. Then this week some of the main autumn renovations took place.

The green was cut and then received a deep scarification to remove some unnecessary 'Thatch', which is moss, dead grass and other organic matter. A machine with blades that cut into the turf is used. On this occasion, approximately 40 barrow loads were removed.

The green was cut again and sparse areas were then overseeded. Fingers crossed this will germinate in a couple of weeks and the close season green sweeping volunteers will be able to start their daily routine of clearing the green of wormcasts and dew.

Further work will continue later into the Autumn when the green will be aerated in various ways with cores being removed, solid tinning and horizontal slitting as well as being keep fed and nurtured.

Winter well

Barry and Paul

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