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What a Game !!!

Well, what a turn up for the books, when Banwell played Clevedon Prom,

at home, in the North Somerset Knockout cup On Friday 26th May.

Winning on one rink, drawing on one rink and losing on two rinks,

Banwell's passage through to the next round cannot be recorded

without a mention of Skip Phil Villis and his rink, who stormed to a

momentous victory on the evening.

Encouraged by the now famous Villis war cry's- "Give it the green, too heavy,

Too tight,Too much weight Mate, and other choice phrases, his rink powered their way

to a 31 shot win.


G.Bean, M.Kirby, L.Pheasant and P.Aldus. Drew 16 shots each

Rink 2

P.Wilfan, M.Turnbull, A shattock and J.Davies. Lost 15 shots to 25

Rink 3

J.Wright, J.Amos, C.Coffin and P.Villis. Won by 40 shots to 9

Rink 4

T.Burnett, D.Williams, M.Laycock and H.Guckian. Lost 17 shots to 30

Rink 5

T.Byrnes, J.Rickerty, H.Clarke and A.Vickery Lost 20 shots to 22

Result: Banwell 108 shots - Clevedon Prom 102 shots

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Unknown member
May 28, 2023

Love the graphic, John! 😁😁👏👏

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