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The green gets refreshed


The green got a much needed drink on Tuesday and Wednesday. The extended period without rain had left it looking quite stressed with some brown, very dry areas. Ordinary mains water from the sprinklers, whilst giving the grass much needed hydration, can also have a detrimental effect on those drier areas. Watering also effects the speed of the green and some of the products applied require 'watering in'. As such, there is much discussion around when and in what quantities the green should be irrigated. Thankfully we held off and the rains came in time this time around. Nothing waters like rain and the green has recovered really well.

Today, with the surface being softer following the downpour, the green was able to be 'verticut', (light scarification) by the contractors before a cut at 4mm. The pace is quite good and, for those who played a Portishead yesterday, it is far quicker that that.

The brambles etc at the back of the pumouse, having been cut back last year by Bristol Water, had started to grow back. Cutting them back has been beneficial to the green in allowing more light and warmth in the area. So they were cut back again today too. (sorry Pam G, no blackberries again this year )

Good Bowling

Barry and Paul

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