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So near and yet so far

Over 55's League Match. Away to Ashcombe Crusaders

6 rinks of triples. Thursday 11th May

Well the game could not have been closer it was nip and tuck all the way.

The weather was warm and sunny and the green played well.


At the final wood, of the final end, we thought that Banwell had been beaten by just

a single shot. But totalling up after, it was evident that we went down by two shots.

Itaque prope usque adeo

As my old Latin master would say

Rink 1. K.Gibbons, A Cockayne and J.Davies. Lost 13 shots to 15

Rink 2 J.Wright, J.Amos and P.Villis. Won 26 shots to 10

Rink 3 T.Byrnes, K.Wheeler and H.Clarke. Lost 7 shots to 21

Rink 4 T.Burnett, G.Bean and P.Aldus Won 19 shots to 11

Rink 5 M.Nickson, M.Turnbull and A Shattock Lost 12 shots to 24

Rink 6 R.Saddler, P.Wilfan and C.Coffin Won 19 shots to 17

Final Score: Banwell 96 shots ( 6 Points) - Ashcombe Crusaders 98 Shots (14 Points)

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