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President's Day 2023

Photo by Ann Amos

So, here we are again - the start of another season.

As the traditional club photo shows, some old friends are missing and there are some new faces.

The Spider

The match started as usual with the spider. With the instruction for everyone to bowl their wood to the jack in the middle on the count of 3, chaos ensued. The jack was moved by several woods. Mike Bass did it again, being closest to the jack at the end, and winning the whisky. Well done Mike!

The Match

Bowls in the sunshine by Ro Cook

With the teams organised, and all rinks in use, the match got under way. The weather was just right and the green looked really good.

Woods covered a wide expanse of green for the first couple of ends. Thankfully, everyone found their bowling mojo quite quickly, with shouts of 'well you bowled' and rounds of applause throughout the match.

Everyone did their best to remember their bowling etiquette.

Can you guess who cast this shadow over the jack?

We all had a good time, very much enjoying being back on the green.

Tea in the clubhouse

Inside, new tablecloths brightened up the clubhouse and one table was laden with plates of scrummy-looking cakes. Tea was fab, as usual.

However, one of our ladies suddenly became poorly. Everyone close by acted swiftly and paramedics arrived in super-quick time. They did a great job of making sure she was stable, before taking her off to hospital.

Get well soon, Ann. We are all thinking of you.

The result?

President Barry gave a speech, thanking absolutely everyone for taking part, and for supporting the club. Captain Hilary echoed Barry's sentiments, and then revealed that the Captain's team won the day.

The result, by John Amos

Whether it was the result, the cakes or the bowling, Barry seemed a bit tired.....

Falling asleep on the job, by John Amos

It was a good afternoon, and we all look forward to many of the same throughout the coming months.

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