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Green Update - Sprayed 07/05/24.

The monthly spraying program commenced in earnest yesterday 07 May. Liquid fertiliser, seaweed extract, extra iron and a wetting agent were applied. Apart from the wetting agent, all are organic. Whilst play is still possible at these times, please remember NOT TO LICK FINGERS during play and WASH HANDS afterwards. When spraying occurs a reminder sign is placed in front of the home men's changing room for information. If first to enter, please share the information with others and replace the sign when locking up the changing room.

We have had some wet weather and also some heavy dews recently, which has seen the wormcasting increase. It is important that we clear any worm casts before play, as this will help to maintain the surface integrity and ensure optimal playing conditions. Therefore, whilst the worms are casting, can players please use the switching poles to clear their rink prior to play. Hopefully warmer weather is on the way and the worms will go deeper into the soil, reducing the casting considerably. For information of new members and as a reminder to others, the switches/whips and dew brush are kept in the gap between the men's changing room and the equipment shed.

Thank you Paul and Barry

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