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Banwell Babes climb the triples tables

Banwell Babes

Banwell Belles

Banwell ladies signed up for 6 ladies' triples days this year, taking place at clubs across North Somerset. This is the 2nd full year that we've played in the competitions. We have 2 teams - Banwell Babes and Belles, and any of our ladies can join in.

So far this year, we've played at Isle of Wedmore, Nailsea, Clevedon Prom, Portishead and today at Yatton. Our last triples day of 2023 is at West Backwell in 2 week's time.

Both teams have improved as we've gone along, but the Babes have steadily been working their way through the other teams, until today when they drew for 3rd place!

When the scores were announced, there was a collective gasp, as the Babes were beaten into 4th on countback, losing 14 ends to 13.

Rain stops play

The Babes were in the earlier of 2 groups and caught the start of the rain; just before the Belles played their 3rd game, the rain set in, drenching everyone.

Eventually, the 4th game was abandoned.

Our groupies found shelter in a nearby gazebo, watching Babes win their 3rd match, The Belles, sat behind, then got a soaking playing their 3rd match against the eventual winners, Purnell.

Had there been a 4th match as planned, who knows - Banwell Babes may have hit the top!

Well done to all, and thanks to our supporters for turning up in the rain.

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