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Umbrella weeks 7,8, & 9

Apologies for the slight hiatus in reporting the Umbrella progress, but as you know

I was ordered to go on holiday whether I liked it or not...

Thanks to Alan & Mike for holding the fort whilst we were away for weeks 7 and 8 - all seemed to go fairly smoothly.

All three lots of scores are now on the table, - after week 7 the leader was Alan Shattock, then Keith Wheeler, and Rob Saddler third.

Week 8 saw the leader Alan go down against Trevor Garfield's team, giving Keith Wheeler the top spot and Harold Clarke into third.

Week 9 (this week) was very wet and the decision to finish all games at 10 ends was met with unanimous approval (and the rain only got worse) - but Keith and Alan held onto top & second respectively, whilst dark horse Dave Williams has now sat himself in third.

Click here for the latest table.

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