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Umbrella week 10

Yes you did read that right...we are two thirds of the way through this competition already, where do the weeks go...?

Twenty one players attending this week, on a decent evening, and the green playing very well, unfortunately this number of players represents the least desirable amount, meaning we were a bit lop sided with a triple playing a four on all three rinks.

Those who went to public school will recognise there were some severe thrashings handed out on the night, both Alan Shattock & John Wright's teams recording big wins well into the twenty's over some low single figure scores, hence 17 of 18 available bonus points were awarded across all three happens.

Last weeks leader Keith Wheeler was the recipient of one of the defeats & he drops to second behind Alan Shattock in first, with Harold Clarke now back into the top three (all past the 100 point mark).

Next week sees the first of the lowest posted scores coming off the table (if improved upon) for anyone who has 100% attendance so far.

Click here for the latest table

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