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Umbrella final week (15)

And there it was - gone.....another season of Umbrella flashes by in a blur, including an extra week for a weather wash out early doors.

We have had 40 participants overall this year, (which probably equates to two thirds of the club) with some players starting & leaving, and other new members joining the club and using Umbrella as their first taste of competitive bowls, which is what it's for after all.

Wayne, in his first fancy dress - as a Banwell bowler!
Mike and Rob, still smiling at the end of their first season

We had 24 playing in the last evening which meant three full rinks. All players who had a shot of the title were duly split up and left to to their own destinies.

Second placed Harold Clarke couldn't quite amass enough points over John Wright's team to overhaul the eventual winner Alan Shattock, who finished the season as he started with a solid 17- 4 win over Mike Turnbull.

Meanwhile over on rink 2 a record Umbrella haul of 30 points to six for Alan Cockayne over Mike Bass and his team were enough for Kim Wright to move into equal second with Harold Clarke.


No doubting the winner...Alan averaged over 14 points per counting week to take the title for 2023.

Fancy Dress

Well done all who dressed up for the evening...probably the most striking had to be Alan Cockayne (big baby), Martina Garfield (posh puss) and Joy Lane (marvellous musketeer) for their outfits.

On the subject of dressing up, President Barry Taylor and Treasurer John Davies were truly resplendent in Somerset blazers for the evening. For most, it was the first time they had seen Barry in long trousers!

Looks like the fish & chips went down well, as I'm sure will the whisky won on the spider by Amanda Merchant (who I'm told played like a pro).

Mike Nickson will be your host for 2024 as I will be moving on to a new position within the club.

John Wright (signing off)

Click here for the final table

More photos from the evening, including the bathing belles, le chef, dodgy driver, begorrah! and Flower Power :

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