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Triples Day postponed

Good afternoon all The weather forecast for the whole of the UK tomorrow is fairly horrendous with severe storms forecast by the Met Office and so it has been decided that the Triples preliminary rounds and BBQ will now be held on Sunday23rd July. One of the conditions for entry into this competition was that a player had to be available to play on both days and as such, there should not be anyone not available unless of course there is a very valid reason as to why they are not able to play. The attached form has been amended slightly so please note the start of Game 1 at 11.20 and other timings for the day. We also hope to start the BBQ slightly earlier around 5.15 pm and so I look forward to seeing you all on Sunday morning. Showers are expected during the day but nowhere near as bad as tomorrow! Kind regards Hilary Competition Secretary 2023

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