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Oh what a night!

Saturday evening saw the long-awaited dinner and presentation of this year's trophies. After a slight hiccup in the arrangements, the event took place at Weston Golf Club. Everyone arrived in their finery, looking foward to a lively and entertaining evening with friends.

John D managed to beat the rush, and be first at the bar....

John A silenced the throng, and Trevor G welcomed everyone by say saying, "sorry it wasn't my fault". We'd long-forgiven the mix-up with the golf clubs, so thought no more of it and carried on chatting.

However, Trevor continued..... " the golf club didn't realise we wanted a starter, so sorry, there is no starter".

After a few moment's shocked silence, the chatting started again. Everyone took the news in their stride.

Mumbles of more drinking time and well that's saved me £8 could be heard amongst the medley of voices.

Mike T was visibly relieved as he showed what a difference it would make to his waistline!

Mal wasn't too happy about the news, as he had missed his lunch especially to make room for dinner.......

....or the pained expression may have been as a result of pulling his back getting out of the taxi. Ouch!

The Presentations

After dinner, the presentations began. John A silenced the crowd again, and Hilary took the floor to announce the winners, with Barry presenting the trophies.

Here are the highlights.

In his first year, Mike Nickson won both the Beginners and the Novices cups - a great start at the club.

The Ladies Championship went to Wendy, with Pam G and Martina receiving a trayful of glasses and various trophies between them for team events.

The Tony Hyde shield was presented to the team of Mike Dolling, Mike Turnbull, John Wright and Allan Shattock.

Lee Pheasant was the winner of the Sam Brammer Trophy, the award for the most improved player.

Gerry Bean took the honours for Clubman of the Year for his valued contribution to the running of the club, unseen by many.

John Wright was presented with the trophy for the Men's Championship to add to his haul - including Two Wood Singles and Veterans trophies.

And Finally....

The evening ended with a fast and well-run prize draw, with Dee shouting out the tickets and Cath speeding round the room in her high heels to deliver the prizes. Thanks both - you made a good team!

Here is the full list of trophy winners and runners up, along with a few photos from the evening.

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Miembro desconocido
22 nov 2023

Pam, do you mean the bowling club Facebook page or the public one?xx

Me gusta

Miembro desconocido
22 nov 2023

Hi Kim.can you put some of this on the facebook page please. Its good to share this sort of thing as we have a lot of other clubs following us and it shows them just how brilliant the Banwell BC is! A great write up!

Me gusta
Miembro desconocido
22 nov 2023
Contestando a

Hi Pam, the link to the blog is already on the Facebook site. Xx

Me gusta
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