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Celebration! 50 years at the Club

There was much laughter and applause at Finals Day on Saturday as President Barry surprised John Davies with a gift to celebrate 50 years at the bowling club.

Following a short speech, Barry presented John with a box. He was eventually given time to open it, discovering a commemorative tankard inside. John seemed pleased with his gift, but as usual, was a man of few words. Of course, there was help to hand from Barry, who suggested that if John had the tankard filled, he would be happy to test it for him!

John's Achievements

The clubhouse is plastered with evidence of John's bowling honours:

Tall Tales

Numerous members have funny stories involving John to tell, but no-one was prepared to put pen to paper (not willing to provide evidence maybe...?). Then Chris Wilson came to the rescue:

One of the stories involving John that sticks in the memory occurred during my first experience of a Banwell day trip. Before the game a few of us found a pub, nothing strange there!, to have a drink. It was quite sunny so John put on his head what can only be described as a clean handkerchief in order to protect his solar panel. The nice young man who brought out our drinks had taken a shine to John already and to see him in this 'headgear' prompted a few comments like 'oooooh suits you sir' and 'is that a kiss me quick hat' I have never seen JD move so fast, needless to say I have never seen him wear such headgear since!

Here are a few pictures of John and his club mates, over the years.

Congratulations, John, on reaching a fantastic milestone!


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Unknown member
Sep 14, 2022

Great article Kim. Thanks

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