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A very hot & muggy mixed friendly at Burnham...

...was by mutual consent and to the relief of most players, reduced to a fifteen-end match with a refreshment break at half way.

The green, whilst still it's usual fairly slow speed, was a huge improvement on the last time we played at Burnham in May, where - if memory serves - a skittles game broke out in order to get to the jack. It was much more reachable yesterday.

A five rink triples game was the order of the day.

The Results

Mike Bass, Terry Byrne, and John Wright recorded good wins on three rinks, whilst Alan Cockayne and Harold Clarke's sides were both second in their respective matches...but it was good to see a couple of our newer bowlers again, turning out for a competitive away fixture. It's all good experience.

Despite winning on three rinks, in the end, we did go down to Burnham overall, but by only a single figure margin.

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