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Umbrella week 14

There was a great turn out on a beautiful sunny evening, for the penultimate week in what has been a very competitive Umbrella competition.

26 bowlers (74% of available players) played in three triples and one rink, vying for the all important points towards next weeks finishing line and victory.

As has been the case for most of the season, the top of the table players came through, and picked up good points with their respective teams on the night.

Both Harold Clarke and Alan Shattock posted scores with full bonus points to cement their positions in one and two on the table.

Mike Nickson (selected with Alan) also had the benefit - and contributed to - a high score and gets himself into third place, with Kim Wright just behind in fourth.

These four players are the only participants with any realistic chance of the title now, but this all depends on what leader Alan Shattock achieves next week...he can basically score nothing and retain 134 points, or do better than seven and add to it, whilst the other three will all need to better their lowest posted scores just to overtake of luck to all.

These four players will be split up as far as is possible next week in both rinks and teams, to give all of them the best possible chance of victory within their own destiny.

Click here for the latest table (feel free to do the maths on above if you can).

Lastly...don't forget your fancy dress (not obligatory) - and enjoy the Fish & Chips.

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Unknown member
Aug 16, 2023

Cannot read names or points totals. HC

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