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Successful Evening at Bridgwater

Mens 4 Rink Friendly Match 17th May 2023

Pleasant evening, warm weather, enjoyable game and a nice piece of ham to follow at the end of the evening, a winning formula for a successful match.

Now where was I ?

Details of the Match

Rink 1

M.Dolling, J.Amos, T.Garfield and H.Guckian Won 21 shots to 14

Rink 2

M.Nickson,G.Hollier, P.Wilfan and C.Coffin Lost 11 shots to 19

Rink 3

J.Wright, D.Williams, G.Bean and M.Laycock. Won 21 shots to 16

Rink 4

M.Bass, W.Butcher, M.Turnbull and H.Clarke. Won 22 shots to 15


Banwell 75 shots - Bridgwater 64 shots

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