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Chepstow - our day at the races

What is included?

As you know, I've been collecting people's interest in a day out at the races. To remind you of the details, the ticket is £29.99 and includes:

  • Admission for the day

  • A drink on arrival

  • 'A delicious pie' (meat and vegetarian available)

  • A race card

  • Free onsite parking

It normally costs £41.00pp for the above however the racecourse is offering it to our members at only £29pp. There are 2 dates available - 13th and 14th October.

Who wants to go?

There are about 26-28 people expressing an interest. The date most people are available for is 13th October - the first day of the national jump season.

How will we get there?

There was a suggestion that we hire a coach to take us. I've looked at 6 coach companies, and the cheapest is Bakers Dolphin at £600. They will pick up/drop off in 3 places - Morrisons, Locking village and Banwell car park. If we had 30 people going, the cost would be £20 each for the return journey.

The fastest train takes 1 hour 17 mins, with 2 changes, and costs between £9 and £30.

The bus takes 3 hours 17 mins and costs £12-18 each way.

Or we can group into individual cars with 5 or 6 drivers.

So, let's go!

The Arrangements

I will now collect names of people who definitely want to go on 13th October.

I will need your name plus a £10 deposit each

by the end of finals weekend (Sunday 10th Sept).

If there are 30 people or more, I can go ahead and book the coach, so the total cost for all will be £49. If there are less than 30 people, obviously the cost per person for the coach journey will go up, but we can decide about that once we know who's definitely coming.

Click here to put your name down as definitely wanting to go, and I will be at the club today, tomorrow and Sunday to receive deposits. You can also do a bank transfer - just message me and I'll send details.

I know there are a couple of people who will go by car, as they have a rugby match afterwards (guess who!) and a couple who want the transport but have alternative arrangements at the course. Let me know if you just want the transport, but would like to walk to the nearby castle/national trust gardens etc from the race course. You are welcome on the coach too!



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