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Belinda Butcher

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Banwell Bowling Club was sad to receive the news yesterday that our member Belinda Butcher, known to us as Bea, had passed away. Bea and Wayne joined the club last year. Wayne said that she really thought a lot of her bowls and the lovely ladies there. Her only regret was not being well enough to play.

Bea was a lovely person, who blended in and instantly became a valued member of our ladies' bowling group. She played in a couple of our ladies' triples days at the beginning of the season. She was nervous because she was new to the game; however, she made a great contribution to the matches, in spite of beginning to feel unwell.

Wayne tells us that Belinda is not having a funeral as she never wanted one; she merely wanted a get together of her friends to have a good drink.

Please come along and join us to raise a glass to our friend. Click here for details.

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