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Banwell Over 55's in second place

Over 55's Triples league match v Victoria

Well the weather was pleasant, the green played well, and the game was played in the right spirit. That was the plus side to the game. And Banwell? Well unfortunately we came in a long way behind in second place.

Congrats to Alan Vickery and his rink for being the only Banwell winning rink and back to the drawing board for the other five rinks


Rink 1 M.Nickson, J.Rickery and A. Vickery. Won by 18 shots to 12

Rink 2 T.Burnett, G.Bean and P.Villis Lost by 10 shots to 21

Rink 3 T.Byrnes, M.Bass and H.Woodards Lost by 20 shots to 22

Rink 4 D.Williams, H.Clarke and A.Shattock Lost by 9 shots to 18

Rink 5 R.Saddler, J.Amos and M.Laycock Lost by 17 shots to 18

Rink 6 S.White, M.Turnbull and A.Cockayne Lost by 9 shots to 23

Score: Victoria.116 shots (18 points) - Banwell 83 shots ( 2 Points)

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